• Introduction 
    • History
    • Chronicle
  • Training Concept 
    • Training Concept
    • Training positioning and target customers
    • Training category
    • Core Training Category
  Enhance international exchange of technology knowledge
  Promote lifelong learning of updated knowledge
  Cultivate and deepen credible professional competency
  Establish a collaborative platform for learning and exchange of knowledge
  Strengthening food industry talent capabilities for industry upgrading and transformation
  Experienced training programs integrated with comprehensive services including research and development, counseling and testing demand
  Developing competency standard and qualification assessment for food industry professionals
  Developing specific training courses in accordance with government policies
  Introducing international courses according to international trend in food science
SERVICES - Training & Education (Continuous learning)
  Training for professionals
  Industry talent development
  Business entrusted courses (Workplace training)
  Customized course services

SERVICES - Service Development
  Qualification assessment
  Digital learning
  International courses
  Diverse training platform
  Customized services for business